Hot Air Balloon Shoot



Date is April 6th, but the back up dates are April 7th and 8th. Please know that the ability to fill up these balloons is 100% dependent on the weather and for safety reasons for the photographers and models we have chosen 3 consecutive days and about a week before the shoot we will solidify the safest date!

Location: Cleveland, NC

There will be 2 different sessions. The first session will last 2 hours in time and will include 6 stations where the models are featured in brightly colored tulle gowns. The next session will last 2.5 hours where there will be 5 stations and the models from the first session will join together to be shot at one station as a bridal party. The other 4 stations will include a 1) Bride and Groom inside Balloon Elopement, 2) Bride and Bride cake cutting, 3) Bride and Groom Outside Balloon elopement and 4) Floral Bridal Shoot



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